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Sculpted Porsche Car Cake

Sculpted Porsche Car Cake

Celebrating birthdays is an age old tradition but it certainly does not limit anyone to traditional birthday cakes especially with custom cakes. Today, you can simply pick out from a wide variety of cake designs available and with custom cakes like this Porsche birthday cake, it clearly proves that fun and imagination combined is limitless.

This birthday cake is innovatively designed to resemble a classic sports car – Porsche. Its subdued silver color gives this custom cake finesse with a hint of yellow for the headlights and shades of black iced with sweet birthday greeting. This dessert is scrumptious not only to the eyes but even more so to your taste buds. Underneath it all hides delicious bites of vanilla pound cake and chocolate fudge.

Another great thing about custom made cakes is that you can also make it into different sizes and shapes. It allows more flexibility on how you want your cake designed and presented. Forget about the usual geometric shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. With a custom made cakes you can be more inventive because it provides you the freedom to choose your cake’s theme even the weird and funny ones.

Custom cakes can be for any occasion of course, in this design though it was specific to a birthday celebration, hence the Porsche birthday cake. Children are especially fond of themed cakes along with its colorful and majestic designs. And it can make celebrations really entertaining to any age range really. Sky’s the limit when it comes to custom cakes as all you need is a feast of imagination, a dash of creativity and sprinkles of fun



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