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Fondant Iced Indian Wedding Cake

Fondant Iced Indian Wedding Cake

Weddings celebrate new beginnings! And in such sweet moments in life, it is made even more scrumptious by wedding cakes. Inspired by the bride’s traditional wedding dress, this 5-tier vanilla cake’s design is distinctly elegant with fondant icing in cream color, gold bands wrapped in the bottom of each tier, draped down by a Sari modeled fondant icing in rich burgundy color, and has a bouquet of orchid sugar flowers on top and on the sides as its ornaments.

The draping that runs gracefully down on just the one side of the 5-tier fondant iced vanilla wedding cake is inspired by the traditional Indian clothing worn by Indian women that is stylishly draped over their bodies. It is a veil-like band of unstitched textile that typically ranges from four to nine yards in length. Customizing your cake in such a distinctive way makes your wedding ceremony more festive, traditional and all your own.

Icing on the Cake

In this Indian inspired wedding cake fondant icing is used in bringing out the desired theme coupled with the subtle flavor of the 5-tier vanilla cake. Fondant is a rich confection ideal for themed cakes or even wedding cakes and is preferred by bakers because of its pliable consistency. Icing on the cake like the fondant makes that obvious distinction that brings style and character to themed cakes and most especially to your wedding cake.

Fondant is among the most popular type of icing used by many bakers today. It basically provides flexibility and freedom in terms of design and assembling for theme cakes and wedding cakes. Icing essentially gives your wedding cake form, color, character and most importantly its flavor. And in this Indian inspired wedding cake with its majestic 5-tier in cream fondant and gold colored bands in the bottom of each tier can feed a hungry crowd of 200, and definitely brings out the icing on this cake.

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