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Chic Black And White Decorated Wedding Cake

Chic Black And White Decorated Wedding Cake

Celebrations of any kind especially Weddings always top the list with the grandest of cake displays and one with the most sought after desserts. The preparation and artistry in interpreting Love in full bloom becomes much sweeter and even personified through the magnificence of the Wedding cakes as centerpiece. There are some couples who may prefer simple cakes that are designed or customized in a subtle manner while some couples go for elaborate and majestic Wedding cakes!

A Little Cake in NJ really are known for its festive and innovative custom designs or themed cakes. But sometimes grand celebrations like Weddings stand out even more and illuminate grandeur of its Wedding cakes through simple yet classic black and white theme very much like this buttercream iced wedding cake. Its majestic form and uniquely refined character is held gracefully in delicious buttercream icing. This specific wedding cake design is inspired by simple, chic and trimmed look to match the wedding’s motif.

In this delectable 4-tier tower of a Wedding cake it adapts a simple yet elegant theme of black and white buttercream icing. It provides an extraordinary presence and illuminates admirably in a room full of exuberant guests. Even if simply iced in white buttercream icing, this 4-tier wedding cake holds unique qualities as it sits gracefully and subtly. Decorated with a black distinctive sugar bow and a chic silver broach, this wedding cake is made to stand out even in simplicity as black icing bands lay emphasis at the bottom of each tier of this buttercream iced wedding cake.

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