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5 Best Cakes In New Jersey For Your Special Event

Choosing a cake for your event is an important task. When it comes to cakes in New Jersey, there are so many different options to choose from. Being so close to New York City, people and their events have the culture that the city holds. But no matter what the event, bakeries in New Jersey work hard to make you the perfect cake. Here are the best cakes in New Jersey that will make your event even more special.

Birthday Cakes

What is a better way to celebrate your birthday than with a cake? Birthday cakes in New Jersey have a wide age range of variety. Many people like to celebrate their baby’s birthday with a first birthday cake. Sweet sixteen cakes are popular, especially at parties that are held at large venues. A party for any age deserves a cake. Because of New Jersey’s large population, there are many different kinds of birthday cakes made for different ages. These cakes are sure to make a birthday even more special.

Wedding Cakes

The cake at a wedding is a significant part of the event. The newlyweds work hard to pick out the perfect one for them, and the possibilities of wedding cakes in NJ are limitless. For example, many couples prefer for their cake to have floral designs matching their centerpieces. Others will look for a design that will match the theme of their venue. For example, a couple with a Jersey Shore wedding might look for a cake that has a beach aesthetic. Wedding cakes in New Jersey are the best because the couple has many options.

Baby Shower Cakes

Expecting a baby is a cause for celebration! In New Jersey, a lot of pregnant women choose a venue for their baby shower. At a venue, you have the chance to have a larger party and, of course, a cake. Baby shower cakes in New Jersey have become more popular over time. They can be anything you want. Some people like to have a simple cake, perhaps with a color scheme that matches the party decorations. Others choose to decorate the cake with designs. In New Jersey, it is very common for these cakes to be decorated with pacifiers, teddy bears, or even the baby’s name. Baby shower cakes in New Jersey are the best way to celebrate the family.

Elegant Cakes

The best part of getting a cake is getting to pick out the design. Elegant cakes in New Jersey vary between many different styles. One of the most popular themes for an elegant cake is floral. Since New Jersey is full of nature, it is very common for people to choose their favorite flower as their cake topping. Another idea for elegant cakes is to place fruit on the top. Different fruits are more abundant by season, and bakeries in New Jersey are popular for using this fresh fruit on their desserts. The options for elegant cakes are limitless, and any new idea can be used for your event.

Custom Cakes

For anyone who has their own cake ideas, they can create their own cake. Custom cakes in New Jersey are all based on the desires of the customer. Near the coast, there is a higher demand for nautical themed cakes. Custom cakes in northern New Jersey often reflect the seasons. In the spring, they are decorated with blooming flowers, while in the fall, the cake is covered with colorful leaf designs. These custom cakes can be whatever you want them to be. The best cakes in New Jersey are the ones that make your celebration even more special.

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