A Lego Wedding cake!!! LEGO® toys began with the work of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter who lived in Billund. The wooden toys that Christiansen began creating in 1932 became the LEGO company in 1934, with the name deriving from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well.” Christiansen took the first two letters from each word to make the company name. Today LEGO ranks as the sixth largest toy manufacturer in the world. We where asked to make a Lego themed wedding cake for a wedding at The Rockleigh Country Club in NJ. This 4 tiered wedding cake is what we came up with. We made fondant Lego bricks in blue as a base and iced them in white fondant and for a cute touch we have little Lego bakers rolling the fondant onto the cake. As a topper we sculpted a Lego bride and groom.