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Funfetti Tiered Cake

Funfetti Tiered Cake

For a fun nontraditional wedding cake or really cool birthday cake what better way to celebrate than with a Funfetti Cake! It’s made up of Funfetti Cake (moist vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles baked inside) bavarian cream iced in buttercream and topped with a ton of rainbow sprinkles. We can also recommend some other fillings such as chocolate mousse, cannoli cream, cookies and cream and crumbled chocolate chip cookies in our bavarian cream, just to name a few. For ideas on how to decorate this fun cake we can add a cascade of buttercream or sugar flowers, or maybe for a birthday or anniversary add a number cake topper.  On this design we added a few simple fondant bows.


Textured/Rustic Buttercream Iced wedding Cake


Textured or Rustic iced wedding cakes have become very popular in the past few years. Here we have this 5 tiered wedding cake with a rustic finish accented with the added texture of buttercream rosettes on the bottom tier. All iced in buttercream, this cake is highlighted with a beautiful cascade of buttercream flowers and an added pearl shimmer finish to soften the edges and give it some shine. Cake jewelry could be added to this design to give it some extra bling, or we could customize to a color palette for the buttercream flowers. The inside of this particular wedding cake is our chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries; a delicious combination for seasonal fresh fruit.

Bridal Shower Fondant Ruffle Cake


When looking for a bridal shower cake, most people pick a non-traditional design so not to out due the wedding cake. Here we made this 3 tiered fondant ruffle finish that also has ombre from a cream color to light pink. The top tier has draped pearls going down. As a topper we used pink sugar flowers and finished the whole cake with a pearl shimmer.

Fondant Iced Indian Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - C49

Weddings celebrate new beginnings! And in such sweet moments in life, it is made even more scrumptious by wedding cakes. Inspired by the bride’s traditional wedding dress, this 5-tier vanilla cake’s design is distinctly elegant with fondant icing in cream color, gold bands wrapped in the bottom of each tier, draped down by a Sari modeled fondant icing in rich burgundy color, and has a bouquet of orchid sugar flowers on top and on the sides as its ornaments.

The draping that runs gracefully down on just the one side of the 5-tier fondant iced vanilla wedding cake is inspired by the traditional Indian clothing worn by Indian women that is stylishly draped over their bodies. It is a veil-like band of unstitched textile that typically ranges from four to nine yards in length. Customizing your cake in such a distinctive way makes your wedding ceremony more festive, traditional and all your own.

Icing on the Cake

In this Indian inspired wedding cake fondant icing is used in bringing out the desired theme coupled with the subtle flavor of the 5-tier vanilla cake. Fondant is a rich confection ideal for themed cakes or even wedding cakes and is preferred by bakers because of its pliable consistency. Icing on the cake like the fondant makes that obvious distinction that brings style and character to themed cakes and most especially to your wedding cake.

Fondant is among the most popular type of icing used by many bakers today. It basically provides flexibility and freedom in terms of design and assembling for theme cakes and wedding cakes. Icing essentially gives your wedding cake form, color, character and most importantly its flavor. And in this Indian inspired wedding cake with its majestic 5-tier in cream fondant and gold colored bands in the bottom of each tier can feed a hungry crowd of 200, and definitely brings out the icing on this cake.

Chic Black And White Decorated Wedding Cake

Buttercream Wedding Cakes 2 - A74

Celebrations of any kind especially Weddings always top the list with the grandest of cake displays and one with the most sought after desserts. The preparation and artistry in interpreting Love in full bloom becomes much sweeter and even personified through the magnificence of the Wedding cakes as centerpiece. There are some couples who may prefer simple cakes that are designed or customized in a subtle manner while some couples go for elaborate and majestic Wedding cakes!

A Little Cake in NJ really are known for its festive and innovative custom designs or themed cakes. But sometimes grand celebrations like Weddings stand out even more and illuminate grandeur of its Wedding cakes through simple yet classic black and white theme very much like this buttercream iced wedding cake. Its majestic form and uniquely refined character is held gracefully in delicious buttercream icing. This specific wedding cake design is inspired by simple, chic and trimmed look to match the wedding’s motif.

In this delectable 4-tier tower of a Wedding cake it adapts a simple yet elegant theme of black and white buttercream icing. It provides an extraordinary presence and illuminates admirably in a room full of exuberant guests. Even if simply iced in white buttercream icing, this 4-tier wedding cake holds unique qualities as it sits gracefully and subtly. Decorated with a black distinctive sugar bow and a chic silver broach, this wedding cake is made to stand out even in simplicity as black icing bands lay emphasis at the bottom of each tier of this buttercream iced wedding cake.

What’s the Difference Between Buttercream And Fondant Iced Wedding Cakes

Buttercream Wedding Cakes 2 - A73

Fondant vs Buttercream

While the taste of the wedding cake is important, also equally important is the cake design. When choosing a cake design, the consistency of the icing must be considered. Scrolling, pearlization, draping, texturing, ruffles and ombré cakes are some design and decoration examples that can be achieved by using either fondant or buttercream icing.

buttercream Iced wedding cake A74

So what is buttercream? Buttercream is a classic icing; made from butter, sugar and cream, it can readily take on other flavors by adding chocolates, extracts, citrus zest, and other delicacies. Our cake designers can achieve the smooth finish similar to fondant with buttercream, but texturing trends including piping, plastering, rosettes, petals, basket weaving and zig-zag are better executed with buttercream.

Fondant Iced Wedding Cake C55

So what is fondant? Fondant is a type of icing that can be either poured or rolled out into a sheet. Rolled fondant’s pliability and dough-like consistency allows pastry chefs to create effects ranging from perfectly smooth finishes to more structured creations. Fondant is a better option to withstand some of the demands of outdoor events. The taste of fondant is a marshmallow-like flavor and when used correctly doesn’t add much sweetness to the finished cake. Fondant is the best, although pricier choice, for brides who want to really show their creativity and style through more structured design elements on their wedding cake.

So Fondant or Buttercream? What will determine whether you use fondant as an icing or buttercream? For the most part it is appearance, budget and durability. Fondant by default is more expensive then buttercream and there are some designs that you can’t achieved with buttercream itself.