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Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

Okay, when we were asked to design a cartoon-like construction themed cake keeping budget in mind, this is what our team came up with. Feeding up to 35-45 people, this fondant iced cake is decorated with 2D cutout construction trucks, signs and traffic cones. We used traffic signs to incorporate the birthday boy’s name. This cake was filled with 4 layers of vanilla cake, 2 layers of Bavarian cream and 1 layer of chocolate mousse. When looking to design your cake give us a call or email us, and remember to visit our website at to get started with your ideas!

Fun First Birthday Cake Ideas

We posted some great first birthday cake ideas starting with this beautiful hot air balloon cake. Iced with fondant and decorated with hot air balloons on the bottom tier gives the cake a soft light appearance. We added an over sized number one on the second tier and topped it with a 3D hot air balloon.


Hot Air Balloon Birthday CakeWinnie The Pooh First Birthday Cake

Take a look at this fun Winnie The Pooh themed first birthday cake . We hand sculpted the 3D figures from chocolate and we added a big honey pot as the cake topper. What a memorable birthday cake this turned out to be.

Loin King First Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t like the Lion King? This birthday cake would be perfect for a boy or a girl celebrating their first birthday. Cut out silhouettes of the jungle decorate the bottom tier and cute sculpted characters finish the top tier of this Lion King themed Birthday cake.

Circus Birthday Cake

If your planning a Circus theme for your party we have a great cake for you. This bright and colorful first birthday cake will have everyone smiling. Depending on the size of the birthday party we can make this cake in a smaller version or even larger call or email us for more details.

Cars The Movie Birthday Cake

This is the perfect cake for any little boy’s first birthday party. Iced in fondant and decorated with images from Cars the movie, this particular cake is more cost friendly and still looks fun without sacrificing detail. Any guest would be amazed.

Jungle Themed First Birthday Cake


This first birthday jungle themed cake is iced with buttercream and is made of vanilla cake and vanilla filling. We decorated the tiers of this cake with modeling chocolate animals and a sculpted lion as a cake topper. To personalized this cool cake by including the birthday boy’s name on the side of the top tier.

1st Birthday Ladybug Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C22

Check out this cute ladybug themed 1st birthday cake we made.  We added a big ladybug as a topper and smaller ones around the sides. Adding the birthday girls name on the bottom tier is a great way to give this fun cake a personal touch. This ladybug cake is filled with chocolate cake, raspberry mousse and iced with red fondant.

Ninjago Lego Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C23

Here is a really cool Lego Ninjago themed birthday cake! All of the Lego Ninjago figures and Lego pieces are made of molding chocolate. Both tiers of cake are iced with fondant and also have images of Ninjago. As a topper we made a 9 inch green Ninja with some Lego pieces.

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake


We made this super adorable Minnie Mouse themed cake for a 1st birthday. A sculpted Minnie and the number 1 top this cute girly cake. All three tiers of this cake are iced and decorated with fondant. Take notice of the Disney font we used to add the birthday girls name on the side of the cake. We can also change this cake design into the Mickey Mouse colors for celebrating a boy birthday party.

1st Birthday Jungle Themed Cake


This past weekend we made Max a jungle themed first birthday cake. The cake is iced with buttercream and is decorated with some vines, leaves, lions, monkeys and a giraffe. On a wooden plank we added the birthday boys name and as a topper we made a number one wrapped with vines and leaves.

Mario Brothers Themed Cake


Any gamer would love this cake! We made this really cool Super Mario Brothers themed cake for a 6th birthday party. Everything about this awesome cake is so Mario that they will satisfy even the most hardcore Super Mario fans. This is also a great idea for a grooms cake as well as birthdays. we iced this cake with light blue buttercream and the characters are made of modeling chocolate.

Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake Made For Twins

Kids Cakes - C15

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Known for its catchy opening theme “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?,” this educational and entertaining kids’ show have plenty loveable and famous Muppets all over the world. From the time when it premiered in 1969, Sesame Street still continue to have positive reviews, high ratings and a spotless appeal to children. Sesame Street is an American television series for kids that is long-running with various characters commonly referred to as Muppets. This is probably why its fame is not limited to television but carried on to different forms of media, from TV to toys and even birthday cakes! Sesame Street definitely captivated its young audience with characters like Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Count Dracula and many more

An Elmo Birthday

This photo shows that children’s Birthday cakes can be created with your favorite Sesame Street characters into an irresistibly cute birthday cake. This cake is for twins turning 2 years old and in making this Elmo birthday cake, modeling chocolate is used to sculpt a very animated red Elmo along with its multitude of features while the rest of the cake is iced with fondant to maintain its marvelous and vibrant form. In this 2-tier fondant iced birthday cake, the details are made distinctly to match Sesame Street’s Elmo as its main theme. The bottom tier as you see is designed playfully with circles in blue, green, red colors that goes very well in its yellow fondant background. Taking the classic Sesame Street logo of green and yellow color, it shows the age of 2 and Christian on the label instead of reflecting Sesame Street and the same goes for the top tier but it shows age of 2 and Zoe with red strips of fondant.



2nd Birthday Farm Animal Themed Cake


Your toddler’s second birthday is coming up and you want to celebrate. It’s not a necessary ingredient, but many 2-year-olds will be thrilled by a party theme based on a favorite character, toy, or animal. Even if you live in the city, a farm birthday theme can still be a fun choice. Both tiers of this farm animal cake are iced with fondant and decorated with a wooden fence. We sculpted hay stacks and baby farm animals for this cute kids birthday cake.

The tiers of this cake include vanilla cake, chocolate cake, bavarian cream with fresh strawberries and chocolate mouse.

Cookie Monster First Birthday Cake.

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C16

Here is one of the cutest first birthday Cookie Monster cakes ever. As a cake topper we made a baby Cookie Monster out of modeling chocolate. This cake is iced with fondant and decorated with number one’s and chocolate chip cookies. A delicious vanilla cake with bavarian cream and chocolate chip cookies fill this 3 tiered cake. This cake will be the great center piece for any first birthday party.