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Fondant Wedding Cake With An Overflowing Flower


We made this 4 tiered wedding cake adorned with a huge flower on the side finished in pearl. The bride was inspired by a similar cake she saw. We can’t take the credit for this cake; but we did put a twist in the flower petals and also on the finish of the cake.

Hand Painted Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - C42

We hand painted a vine like design in black on this three tiered wedding cake. This cake is iced with fondant and finished it with handmade wine colored sugar flowers. This wedding cake has what we like to call a “traditional stack” what this means is there is more of a ledge on each tier. Also each layer of cake is about 7inch tall. Sugar flowers was our pick to top this beautiful wedding cake but there are any more option.

Quilted Fondant Iced Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - B71

Take a look at this classy and clean design on this 4 tier fondant iced wedding cake. Bottom and second tier from the top have a quilted design with a purple pin dot. The other 2 tiers have a swirl design and we finished this cake with a pearl finish. For some sparkle we added some bling with a purple ribbon backing. Sugar roses were used to top this beautiful wedding cake.

Fondant Pearl Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes - C47

This contemporary fondant iced wedding cake has fondant pearl beads that cover the middle tier and borders of each layer. All 3 tiers of this cake are filled with moist red velvet cake and cream cheese icing. We added an over sized sugar flower for a beautiful finish to this simple but elegant wedding cake.

So What Is Fondant Icing?


Rolled fondant which is not to be confused with poured fondant, is commonly used to decorate wedding cakes and custom made cake. Fondant has pliable dough-like consistency and taste somewhat like marshmallow. When covering a cake with fondant it is typically iced with buttercream first and then the fondant is rolled out about 1/8 of an inch and draped over the cake. Using this icing makes it possible to create and decorate complex cake structures.

Lego Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - C8

A Lego Wedding cake!!! LEGO® toys began with the work of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter who lived in Billund. The wooden toys that Christiansen began creating in 1932 became the LEGO company in 1934, with the name deriving from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well.” Christiansen took the first two letters from each word to make the company name. Today LEGO ranks as the sixth largest toy manufacturer in the world. We where asked to make a Lego themed wedding cake for a wedding at The Rockleigh Country Club in NJ. This 4 tiered wedding cake is what we came up with. We made fondant Lego bricks in blue as a base and iced them in white fondant and for a cute touch we have little Lego bakers rolling the fondant onto the cake. As a topper we sculpted a Lego bride and groom.

Fondant Iced Wedding Cake

Dark gray sugar flowers adorn 2 tiers of this beautiful wedding cake. We used fondant with a floral quilted pattern to ice this 4 tier cake. Brooches were added to the scalloped edges and centers of the hand made sugar flowers to emphasis some of the details of this cake.