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Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

Okay, when we were asked to design a cartoon-like construction themed cake keeping budget in mind, this is what our team came up with. Feeding up to 35-45 people, this fondant iced cake is decorated with 2D cutout construction trucks, signs and traffic cones. We used traffic signs to incorporate the birthday boy’s name. This cake was filled with 4 layers of vanilla cake, 2 layers of Bavarian cream and 1 layer of chocolate mousse. When looking to design your cake give us a call or email us, and remember to visit our website at to get started with your ideas!

Funfetti Tiered Cake

Funfetti Tiered Cake

For a fun nontraditional wedding cake or really cool birthday cake what better way to celebrate than with a Funfetti Cake! It’s made up of Funfetti Cake (moist vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles baked inside) bavarian cream iced in buttercream and topped with a ton of rainbow sprinkles. We can also recommend some other fillings such as chocolate mousse, cannoli cream, cookies and cream and crumbled chocolate chip cookies in our bavarian cream, just to name a few. For ideas on how to decorate this fun cake we can add a cascade of buttercream or sugar flowers, or maybe for a birthday or anniversary add a number cake topper.  On this design we added a few simple fondant bows.


Fun First Birthday Cake Ideas

We posted some great first birthday cake ideas starting with this beautiful hot air balloon cake. Iced with fondant and decorated with hot air balloons on the bottom tier gives the cake a soft light appearance. We added an over sized number one on the second tier and topped it with a 3D hot air balloon.


Hot Air Balloon Birthday CakeWinnie The Pooh First Birthday Cake

Take a look at this fun Winnie The Pooh themed first birthday cake . We hand sculpted the 3D figures from chocolate and we added a big honey pot as the cake topper. What a memorable birthday cake this turned out to be.

Loin King First Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t like the Lion King? This birthday cake would be perfect for a boy or a girl celebrating their first birthday. Cut out silhouettes of the jungle decorate the bottom tier and cute sculpted characters finish the top tier of this Lion King themed Birthday cake.

Circus Birthday Cake

If your planning a Circus theme for your party we have a great cake for you. This bright and colorful first birthday cake will have everyone smiling. Depending on the size of the birthday party we can make this cake in a smaller version or even larger call or email us for more details.

Cars The Movie Birthday Cake

This is the perfect cake for any little boy’s first birthday party. Iced in fondant and decorated with images from Cars the movie, this particular cake is more cost friendly and still looks fun without sacrificing detail. Any guest would be amazed.

Ghostbusters Slimer Grooms Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C09

For all you Ghostbuster fan’s we made Slimer as a grooms cake. The groom was a big fan of the Ghostbusters movie, so the bride had us make him Slimer with his big tongue and all. We sculpted Slimer out of pound cake and iced with fondant. Some of the facial features had to be done before adding the fondant and we also did some airbrushing to highlight some details.


Survivor TV Theme Cake


This Tiered Cake is based on the Survivor TV show theme for a Bar Mitzvah. The cake is covered in an off-white fondant and decorated in a beach theme with shells, rocks, starfish, tiki masks, ocean waves, sand and dirt. The Survivor immunity necklace of masks and feathers is wrapped around a tier, and the top is finished with bamboo, a tiki torch, and a scroll with inscription. This custom design is based on their theme, which really personalizes their party.

First Birthday Cake with a Boat Theme

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C05

This first birthday cake is finished with blue fondant and topped with a sailboat. The wave pattern gives an underwater feel. We also made cupcakes with the same wave theme and topped each one with anchors. Matching themed cakes and cupcakes is a great idea when you want to have a smaller cake for your parties.

Construction Theme Birthday Cake

Kids Cakes - C04

There is a lucky little birthday boy out there that had this cool construction themed cake made!!! So we created a 2 tier cake to look like a construction site by adding some edible dirt roads and using brown buttercream. All the trucks and rocks are sculpted from modeling chocolate. This birthday cake couldn’t be complete without us adding his name to the front of the cake in edible steel.

1st Birthday Circus Themed Cake

Kids Cakes 2 – C10

What kid doesn’t like the circus!?! This 2 tiered circus themed cake was made for a little girl’s 1st birthday party. The cake is iced with yellow buttercream and we used pink fondant stripes to decorate it. We added adorable circus animals and a clown that are sculpted from modeling chocolate

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C18

This 3D sculpted cake is a treasure to behold, a treasure chest that is! This detailed cake holds lots of treasured snacks, the cake itself, candy pearls, chocolate coins and even edible sand. The surface of the treasure chest birthday cake is covered in a hand-tooled fondant to resemble a wood grain texture. It is then painted and airbrushed for a very realistic surface on a cake. The “metal trims, brackets, lock and bolts” are all finished with an edible metallic dust. Personally, it is one of my favorite cakes, and it’s a great theme for parties of all ages.

Sculpted Anchor on Cake


A golden anchor for a golden age…This nautical birthday cake is covered in a black fondant icing with hints of gold glimmer highlights. The cake’s sides are decorated in a gold swirl design to loosely resemble a wave pattern. We’ve made a near 12″ long anchor out of modeling chocolate and dusted it in a metallic gold. A hand wound modeling chocolate rope loops through the anchor and coils around on top of the cake. Anchors away!

Golf Themed Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C24

Making this golf themed 50th birthday cake was a great way to surprise the birthday boy. We iced this cake with green and red argyle fondant. As a topper we sculpted a cartoon figure of Bill the birthday boy and a golf cart complete with empty beer cans. We also added a golf ball on the side of the cake with flags.

Flower Pot Custom 3d Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C25

This cake was made for Marina’s 60th birthday surprise party. We made a cake to represent some of her passions which are gardening, fashion and painting.  We sculpted cakes in the shape of clay flower pots and added some gardening tools, sugar flowers and editable dirt. For fashion we added the sculpture that is located in the garment district in New York City, the sewing needle and button. As a topper we added a pallet and paint brushes.

Fondant Sheet Cake

Sheet Cake & Round Cakes - C06

When budget is an issue even a sheet cake can be beautifully decorated with fondant. While being able to keep the cost down and just adding a few sugar flowers and a bow can turn a simple sheet cake into something classy and beautiful.

Elmo Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C29

Here is a cute birthday cake we made little Isabella on her 3rd birthday.  This cake was finished with a pink fondant base and decorated with orange & red polka dots. To add a bit of the Sesame St. theme to the cake we added an Isabella street sign.  And who better to top this cake other then Elmo, we also added a big number 3 that is made of sugar.

Baby Shower Cake With Pink Baby Gucci Shoes

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C27

This baby shower cake was delivered to The Graycliff in Moonachie, Nj this past Sunday. The dad to be order this cake and had us also make a replica of the baby’s Gucci shoes as a cake topper. The cake is iced with fondant and finished with pearl for a little shine. A cute white and pink polkadot bow finish this adorable baby shower cake.

Circus Themed Birthday Cake


Come one come all!!! Everyone loves a circus and this classic circus themed cake was a hit. Using some different shaped cakes and a vintage looking sign we made this cake come alive. The bottom tier of this cake comes up over 11 inchs high and slopes down to shape a tent. The rest of the tiers are all decorated with old world circus feel. As a topper we made an over-sized ring master top hat.

Sculpted Porsche Car Cake

Cakes That Move?? Not Really - C17

Celebrating birthdays is an age old tradition but it certainly does not limit anyone to traditional birthday cakes especially with custom cakes. Today, you can simply pick out from a wide variety of cake designs available and with custom cakes like this Porsche birthday cake, it clearly proves that fun and imagination combined is limitless.

This birthday cake is innovatively designed to resemble a classic sports car – Porsche. Its subdued silver color gives this custom cake finesse with a hint of yellow for the headlights and shades of black iced with sweet birthday greeting. This dessert is scrumptious not only to the eyes but even more so to your taste buds. Underneath it all hides delicious bites of vanilla pound cake and chocolate fudge.

Another great thing about custom made cakes is that you can also make it into different sizes and shapes. It allows more flexibility on how you want your cake designed and presented. Forget about the usual geometric shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. With a custom made cakes you can be more inventive because it provides you the freedom to choose your cake’s theme even the weird and funny ones.

Custom cakes can be for any occasion of course, in this design though it was specific to a birthday celebration, hence the Porsche birthday cake. Children are especially fond of themed cakes along with its colorful and majestic designs. And it can make celebrations really entertaining to any age range really. Sky’s the limit when it comes to custom cakes as all you need is a feast of imagination, a dash of creativity and sprinkles of fun



Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C03

Alice in Wonderland is now undoubtedly one of the most popular party themes for kids (and adults, too). All thanks to Tim Burton who recently revived this classic 1865 novel into a visually dazzling film. Who wouldn’t want that fancy party, right? In fact, children, especially girls would surely love a fun, whimsical party like Mad Hatter’s tea party.

If you’re organizing a birthday party for your little one, then you should consider a fun birthday cake like this themed cake. This Alice in Wonderland inspired cake is iced in fondant and carefully sculpted from cake. It is surrounded with diamond shapes in muted lilac, blue and green, somewhat reminiscent of diamond playing cards. Butterflies and hearts gave this teapot cake a pretty accessory to highlight its look. Of course, the pocket watch and tea cup on the side was a nice touch to complete the Alice in Wonderland cake set.

Sculpted cakes like this are just so cute that you would sometimes think twice to eat it. But we urge you to go ahead and dig in, as you don’t want to miss its heavenly taste and texture. Our bakers here at A Little Cake ensure that this charming cake tastes as terrific as it looks. Order this today or contact us for other custom cakes in New Jersey.



Nautical Themed Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C01

Todd 40 and Noah 1 (father and son team) were celebrating there birthday’s on the same day. Because the party was held at The Crab House in North Bergen NJ, Todd came up with a nautical theme birthday party. This fabulous cake is iced with fondant and has some subtle and fun details in the design of this cake. I must give credit to Todd on his detailed drawing of what he wanted to see on each tier.Nautical Themed  Birthday Cake 40 Starting from the bottom we made fondant ropes look like they are weaving in and out of the cake, we made a 4 out of fondant rope and a ship’s steering wheel as a zero. Second tier has a sail boat scenery with splashing water. We decorated the top tier with a life preserver, splashing water and a rope number 1. To top this great design we sculpted a playful whale.

Johnny Walker Bottle Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C07

Johnnie Walker is one of the most famous brands in the world of blended Scotch whiskies. At the pinnacle of the Johnnie Walker line is the exceptionally well regarded Blue Label blended Scotch whisky. Each bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label comes in its own silk-lined box, with a certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number on each bottle. Luxury, exclusivity and quality are implied by the presentation, and the contents of this bottle do not disappoint.

We made this Johnny Walker Blue Label cake for a 30th birthday this past weekend. The box and bottle are sculpted from vanilla cake with fresh strawberries. We topped this surprise cake with a cigar made of modeling chocolate. Using fondant we were able to create the silk that lines the box and also give a realistic look to the bottle.

Tennis Ball Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C04

Check out this cool birthday cake we made for a tennis enthusiast. The cake is iced with a light green fondant and decorated with chocolate tennis balls, grass and a tennis racket. All three tiers are made with vanilla cake and Oreo filling.