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Baby Shower Duck Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 04


This is a very sweet Baby Shower cake with 2-tiers of bubbly cuteness.  Made at A Little Cake bakery in Park Ridge, we’ve decorated this cake with adorable hand-sculpted 2D and 3D baby duckies, floating on fondant bubbles. The cake from A Little Cake bakery, is covered with a fondant icing and finished with a baby blue bow. We’re in love with this cake and little duckies and think you will be too.

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 14

This is the sweetest mommy & baby elephant moment.  They were hand sculpted from modeling chocolate. This 3 tier vanilla cake is filled with raspberry mousse, bavarian cream and iced with fondant. This cake was designed from a baby shower invitation with cute little onsies, and safety pins.

Owl Tree Baby Shower Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C30

This is a 2-tier “tree trunk” Baby Shower cake. Each tier is covered in fondant and tool imprinted to have a bark pattern. It is hand-painted to have the life-like bark coloring and shading. A heart is carved into the “trunk bark” to showcase their initials. A sculpted branch reaches up from the base of the bottom tier to the top of the cake with our cute sculpted owl family perched happily on it. New baby girl owl sits in between mommy and daddy owl, with a pink bow and some small cherry blossom flowers to add the finishing touches to the cake.

Tiffany Cupcakes with Bow


These cupcakes were a huge hit! To resemble a Tiffany present box, these chocolate cupcakes are iced in a Tiffany blue buttercream, each topped with a handmade fondant ribbon and bow. (You can see in the background the remaining army of bow loops awaiting their cupcakes). The Tiffany gift box is a very popular look for cake, cupcakes and cupcakes towers. Of course the color could be changed and customized to match any occasion. This is a classic look.

Baby Shower Cake


We iced this 3 tiered baby shower cake in blue fondant and decorated it with yellow stars. Some of the sculpted 3d decorations are a sleeping baby under a blanket with a half a moon, baby bottle, booties and a pacifier. Colors on this cake can be changed whether its a baby girl, baby boy or even if you don’t know the sex of the baby.

Tiered Baby Shower Cake


This cute 3 tiered baby shower cake is iced with white and brown fondant. We decorated this cake with light blue and brown polka dots. As a cake topper we sculpted a baby carriage and as a focal point in the center of the cake we added the word baby in brown with a white fondant background.

Pink Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 05

All 3 tiers of this baby shower cake are iced with a smooth buttercream and white pearl boarders were piped on the bottom of each tier. We decorated 2 of the white tiers with a pink swirl filagree and the middle tier has a quilting pattern and a pink sugar bow. As a topper we made a cute baby carriage in different shades of pink.

Baby Shower Cake With Pink Baby Gucci Shoes

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C27

This baby shower cake was delivered to The Graycliff in Moonachie, Nj this past Sunday. The dad to be order this cake and had us also make a replica of the baby’s Gucci shoes as a cake topper. The cake is iced with fondant and finished with pearl for a little shine. A cute white and pink polkadot bow finish this adorable baby shower cake.

Angel Themed Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 06

This has to be on one of the top ten list of cutest baby shower cakes we have made. Sitting on fluffy clouds we sculpted a baby angel, bunnies, sheep and a sleeping baby. We iced this baby angel themed shower cake with light blue buttercream and decorated the sides with yellow stars. This cake feeds about 25 people and was made with vanilla cake and raspberry mousse.

Twin Baby Shower Button Cake


Cute as a button and double the fun we made this baby shower cake for twin baby boys. The theme of this party is buttons. Two tiers of fondant iced cakes decorated with buttons and fondant foot prints. As a topper we made two sleeping babies under blue blankets. Baby showers are a great way for friends to celebrate a mom-to-be or like in this case to celebrate the new born babies. And what a better way to help bring the theme of the party across but with this cute button baby shower cake.

Baby Shower Onesie Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 09

Look how adorable this onesie baby shower cake turned out. This fondant iced cake is simple yet cute and to the point. The way this cake is designed leaves us with the option to add more detail or keep this clean look. When budget needs to be a concern this design style of baby shower cakes should be considered.

2 Tiered Baby Shower Cake


This 2 tiered baby shower cake is iced with fondant and decorated with lavender polka dots. To finish this cake we added a bow, baby booties and a teddy bear. We sculpted a sleeping baby with its bottom peeking from under a blanket.