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Angel Themed Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 06

This has to be on one of the top ten list of cutest baby shower cakes we have made. Sitting on fluffy clouds we sculpted a baby angel, bunnies, sheep and a sleeping baby. We iced this baby angel themed shower cake with light blue buttercream and decorated the sides with yellow stars. This cake feeds about 25 people and was made with vanilla cake and raspberry mousse.

Crab Bushel Grooms Cake

Crab Bushel Grooms Cake

When talking about grooms cakes this crab bushel cake is definitely a crab lovers must have. When making themed cakes like this, we try to make them as realistic as possible. With this cake the wooden bushel is made of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. All of the crabs, Old Bay seasoning and corn are sculpted from modeling chocolate .

Mario Brothers Themed Cake


Any gamer would love this cake! We made this really cool Super Mario Brothers themed cake for a 6th birthday party. Everything about this awesome cake is so Mario that they will satisfy even the most hardcore Super Mario fans. This is also a great idea for a grooms cake as well as birthdays. we iced this cake with light blue buttercream and the characters are made of modeling chocolate.

Fondant Iced Indian Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - C49

Weddings celebrate new beginnings! And in such sweet moments in life, it is made even more scrumptious by wedding cakes. Inspired by the bride’s traditional wedding dress, this 5-tier vanilla cake’s design is distinctly elegant with fondant icing in cream color, gold bands wrapped in the bottom of each tier, draped down by a Sari modeled fondant icing in rich burgundy color, and has a bouquet of orchid sugar flowers on top and on the sides as its ornaments.

The draping that runs gracefully down on just the one side of the 5-tier fondant iced vanilla wedding cake is inspired by the traditional Indian clothing worn by Indian women that is stylishly draped over their bodies. It is a veil-like band of unstitched textile that typically ranges from four to nine yards in length. Customizing your cake in such a distinctive way makes your wedding ceremony more festive, traditional and all your own.

Icing on the Cake

In this Indian inspired wedding cake fondant icing is used in bringing out the desired theme coupled with the subtle flavor of the 5-tier vanilla cake. Fondant is a rich confection ideal for themed cakes or even wedding cakes and is preferred by bakers because of its pliable consistency. Icing on the cake like the fondant makes that obvious distinction that brings style and character to themed cakes and most especially to your wedding cake.

Fondant is among the most popular type of icing used by many bakers today. It basically provides flexibility and freedom in terms of design and assembling for theme cakes and wedding cakes. Icing essentially gives your wedding cake form, color, character and most importantly its flavor. And in this Indian inspired wedding cake with its majestic 5-tier in cream fondant and gold colored bands in the bottom of each tier can feed a hungry crowd of 200, and definitely brings out the icing on this cake.

Chic Black And White Decorated Wedding Cake

Buttercream Wedding Cakes 2 - A74

Celebrations of any kind especially Weddings always top the list with the grandest of cake displays and one with the most sought after desserts. The preparation and artistry in interpreting Love in full bloom becomes much sweeter and even personified through the magnificence of the Wedding cakes as centerpiece. There are some couples who may prefer simple cakes that are designed or customized in a subtle manner while some couples go for elaborate and majestic Wedding cakes!

A Little Cake in NJ really are known for its festive and innovative custom designs or themed cakes. But sometimes grand celebrations like Weddings stand out even more and illuminate grandeur of its Wedding cakes through simple yet classic black and white theme very much like this buttercream iced wedding cake. Its majestic form and uniquely refined character is held gracefully in delicious buttercream icing. This specific wedding cake design is inspired by simple, chic and trimmed look to match the wedding’s motif.

In this delectable 4-tier tower of a Wedding cake it adapts a simple yet elegant theme of black and white buttercream icing. It provides an extraordinary presence and illuminates admirably in a room full of exuberant guests. Even if simply iced in white buttercream icing, this 4-tier wedding cake holds unique qualities as it sits gracefully and subtly. Decorated with a black distinctive sugar bow and a chic silver broach, this wedding cake is made to stand out even in simplicity as black icing bands lay emphasis at the bottom of each tier of this buttercream iced wedding cake.

Sculpted Porsche Car Cake

Cakes That Move?? Not Really - C17

Celebrating birthdays is an age old tradition but it certainly does not limit anyone to traditional birthday cakes especially with custom cakes. Today, you can simply pick out from a wide variety of cake designs available and with custom cakes like this Porsche birthday cake, it clearly proves that fun and imagination combined is limitless.

This birthday cake is innovatively designed to resemble a classic sports car – Porsche. Its subdued silver color gives this custom cake finesse with a hint of yellow for the headlights and shades of black iced with sweet birthday greeting. This dessert is scrumptious not only to the eyes but even more so to your taste buds. Underneath it all hides delicious bites of vanilla pound cake and chocolate fudge.

Another great thing about custom made cakes is that you can also make it into different sizes and shapes. It allows more flexibility on how you want your cake designed and presented. Forget about the usual geometric shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. With a custom made cakes you can be more inventive because it provides you the freedom to choose your cake’s theme even the weird and funny ones.

Custom cakes can be for any occasion of course, in this design though it was specific to a birthday celebration, hence the Porsche birthday cake. Children are especially fond of themed cakes along with its colorful and majestic designs. And it can make celebrations really entertaining to any age range really. Sky’s the limit when it comes to custom cakes as all you need is a feast of imagination, a dash of creativity and sprinkles of fun



Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C03

Alice in Wonderland is now undoubtedly one of the most popular party themes for kids (and adults, too). All thanks to Tim Burton who recently revived this classic 1865 novel into a visually dazzling film. Who wouldn’t want that fancy party, right? In fact, children, especially girls would surely love a fun, whimsical party like Mad Hatter’s tea party.

If you’re organizing a birthday party for your little one, then you should consider a fun birthday cake like this themed cake. This Alice in Wonderland inspired cake is iced in fondant and carefully sculpted from cake. It is surrounded with diamond shapes in muted lilac, blue and green, somewhat reminiscent of diamond playing cards. Butterflies and hearts gave this teapot cake a pretty accessory to highlight its look. Of course, the pocket watch and tea cup on the side was a nice touch to complete the Alice in Wonderland cake set.

Sculpted cakes like this are just so cute that you would sometimes think twice to eat it. But we urge you to go ahead and dig in, as you don’t want to miss its heavenly taste and texture. Our bakers here at A Little Cake ensure that this charming cake tastes as terrific as it looks. Order this today or contact us for other custom cakes in New Jersey.



Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake Made For Twins

Kids Cakes - C15

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Known for its catchy opening theme “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?,” this educational and entertaining kids’ show have plenty loveable and famous Muppets all over the world. From the time when it premiered in 1969, Sesame Street still continue to have positive reviews, high ratings and a spotless appeal to children. Sesame Street is an American television series for kids that is long-running with various characters commonly referred to as Muppets. This is probably why its fame is not limited to television but carried on to different forms of media, from TV to toys and even birthday cakes! Sesame Street definitely captivated its young audience with characters like Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Count Dracula and many more

An Elmo Birthday

This photo shows that children’s Birthday cakes can be created with your favorite Sesame Street characters into an irresistibly cute birthday cake. This cake is for twins turning 2 years old and in making this Elmo birthday cake, modeling chocolate is used to sculpt a very animated red Elmo along with its multitude of features while the rest of the cake is iced with fondant to maintain its marvelous and vibrant form. In this 2-tier fondant iced birthday cake, the details are made distinctly to match Sesame Street’s Elmo as its main theme. The bottom tier as you see is designed playfully with circles in blue, green, red colors that goes very well in its yellow fondant background. Taking the classic Sesame Street logo of green and yellow color, it shows the age of 2 and Christian on the label instead of reflecting Sesame Street and the same goes for the top tier but it shows age of 2 and Zoe with red strips of fondant.



Grooms Cake Hamburger Cake

Cakes That Look Like Other Food – C08

This groom’s cake is sculpted into a Hamburger from vanilla cake, cannoli filling and making use of an airbrush and fondant for realistic effects. The groom’s love for hamburgers is the inspiration for the cake’s design. White dots of fondant icing on top of the hamburger bun were formed to resemble sesame seeds. Meanwhile, thin slices of lettuce, tomatoes and hamburger patty exact to its colors with a hint of white were assembled between the buns and everything made from fondant icing. Packaging was also considered by using greaseproof paper in order to give the groom’s cake an authentic look. Everyone in the wedding reception, especially the groom will surely be very much amused and surprised once he gets a glimpse of his surprise hamburger groom’s cake.


Twin Baby Shower Button Cake


Cute as a button and double the fun we made this baby shower cake for twin baby boys. The theme of this party is buttons. Two tiers of fondant iced cakes decorated with buttons and fondant foot prints. As a topper we made two sleeping babies under blue blankets. Baby showers are a great way for friends to celebrate a mom-to-be or like in this case to celebrate the new born babies. And what a better way to help bring the theme of the party across but with this cute button baby shower cake.

2nd Birthday Farm Animal Themed Cake


Your toddler’s second birthday is coming up and you want to celebrate. It’s not a necessary ingredient, but many 2-year-olds will be thrilled by a party theme based on a favorite character, toy, or animal. Even if you live in the city, a farm birthday theme can still be a fun choice. Both tiers of this farm animal cake are iced with fondant and decorated with a wooden fence. We sculpted hay stacks and baby farm animals for this cute kids birthday cake.

The tiers of this cake include vanilla cake, chocolate cake, bavarian cream with fresh strawberries and chocolate mouse.

Lego Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - C8

A Lego Wedding cake!!! LEGO® toys began with the work of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter who lived in Billund. The wooden toys that Christiansen began creating in 1932 became the LEGO company in 1934, with the name deriving from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well.” Christiansen took the first two letters from each word to make the company name. Today LEGO ranks as the sixth largest toy manufacturer in the world. We where asked to make a Lego themed wedding cake for a wedding at The Rockleigh Country Club in NJ. This 4 tiered wedding cake is what we came up with. We made fondant Lego bricks in blue as a base and iced them in white fondant and for a cute touch we have little Lego bakers rolling the fondant onto the cake. As a topper we sculpted a Lego bride and groom.

Custom Made Cakes


If you can dream it, we can make it. Our Custom Made Cakes ranges from traditional wedding cakes to the contemporary custom themed cakes. Grooms cakes, birthday cakes and baby shower cakes anything goes and everything is possible when designing custom cakes. Here at A Little Cake Located in Park Ridge NJ we work closely with our customers to design custom made cakes for any event. When choosing to design a custom cake here is some things to think about. How many people did you need to serve? When designing a wedding cake what you should keep in mind? Do you want sugar flowers for a more traditional look?, do you want to add some bling for a more contemporary look? But just adding flowers doesn’t mean it’s a traditional wedding cake or adding bling will make it a contemporary wedding cake. Design options are endless. Also something to keep in mind is budget, some of the more detailed designs can bring your way cost up.

Grooms cakes come in every shape and size from cakes in the shape of cars to cakes that look like food, example: (hamburger cake, waffles and syrup and eggs over easy cake).

When looking for a birthday cake, not only do we make traditional birthday cakes or a elmo birthday cake but we can also make themed cake like a tuna boat, a sculpted owl or even a shark that looks like its jumping out the the ocean.

Nautical Themed Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C01

Todd 40 and Noah 1 (father and son team) were celebrating there birthday’s on the same day. Because the party was held at The Crab House in North Bergen NJ, Todd came up with a nautical theme birthday party. This fabulous cake is iced with fondant and has some subtle and fun details in the design of this cake. I must give credit to Todd on his detailed drawing of what he wanted to see on each tier.Nautical Themed  Birthday Cake 40 Starting from the bottom we made fondant ropes look like they are weaving in and out of the cake, we made a 4 out of fondant rope and a ship’s steering wheel as a zero. Second tier has a sail boat scenery with splashing water. We decorated the top tier with a life preserver, splashing water and a rope number 1. To top this great design we sculpted a playful whale.

Johnny Walker Bottle Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C07

Johnnie Walker is one of the most famous brands in the world of blended Scotch whiskies. At the pinnacle of the Johnnie Walker line is the exceptionally well regarded Blue Label blended Scotch whisky. Each bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label comes in its own silk-lined box, with a certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number on each bottle. Luxury, exclusivity and quality are implied by the presentation, and the contents of this bottle do not disappoint.

We made this Johnny Walker Blue Label cake for a 30th birthday this past weekend. The box and bottle are sculpted from vanilla cake with fresh strawberries. We topped this surprise cake with a cigar made of modeling chocolate. Using fondant we were able to create the silk that lines the box and also give a realistic look to the bottle.

Mickey Mouse Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - C10

This Mickey Mouse inspired topsy-turvy wedding cake was delivered to the Rockleigh Country Club in NJ. This cake was iced with fondant and finished with pearl; the bride and groom provided the Mickey & Minnie Mouse cake topper. Whether you call them topsy-turvy, Mad Hatter or Dr. Seuss cakes, these fun and whimsical designs have become very popular.

Bridal Shower Cake With An Engagement Ring

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C32

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding celebration. Bridal showers are one of these celebrations for which all brides eagerly wait. Bridal shower parties are the time to celebrate with the bride’s friends, relatives and well-wishers. Each activity or part of the bridal shower has specific significance; however the bridal shower cake has the foremost traditional significance.

This beautiful bridal shower cake was made to look like an open ring box. The cake is iced with fondant, modeling chocolate and finished in pearl. To play off the ring box theme, we made a big whimsical engagement ring as a topper.

Fondant Iced Wedding Cake

Dark gray sugar flowers adorn 2 tiers of this beautiful wedding cake. We used fondant with a floral quilted pattern to ice this 4 tier cake. Brooches were added to the scalloped edges and centers of the hand made sugar flowers to emphasis some of the details of this cake.

What’s the Difference Between Buttercream And Fondant Iced Wedding Cakes

Buttercream Wedding Cakes 2 - A73

Fondant vs Buttercream

While the taste of the wedding cake is important, also equally important is the cake design. When choosing a cake design, the consistency of the icing must be considered. Scrolling, pearlization, draping, texturing, ruffles and ombré cakes are some design and decoration examples that can be achieved by using either fondant or buttercream icing.

buttercream Iced wedding cake A74

So what is buttercream? Buttercream is a classic icing; made from butter, sugar and cream, it can readily take on other flavors by adding chocolates, extracts, citrus zest, and other delicacies. Our cake designers can achieve the smooth finish similar to fondant with buttercream, but texturing trends including piping, plastering, rosettes, petals, basket weaving and zig-zag are better executed with buttercream.

Fondant Iced Wedding Cake C55

So what is fondant? Fondant is a type of icing that can be either poured or rolled out into a sheet. Rolled fondant’s pliability and dough-like consistency allows pastry chefs to create effects ranging from perfectly smooth finishes to more structured creations. Fondant is a better option to withstand some of the demands of outdoor events. The taste of fondant is a marshmallow-like flavor and when used correctly doesn’t add much sweetness to the finished cake. Fondant is the best, although pricier choice, for brides who want to really show their creativity and style through more structured design elements on their wedding cake.

So Fondant or Buttercream? What will determine whether you use fondant as an icing or buttercream? For the most part it is appearance, budget and durability. Fondant by default is more expensive then buttercream and there are some designs that you can’t achieved with buttercream itself.



Baby Shower Onesie Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 09

Look how adorable this onesie baby shower cake turned out. This fondant iced cake is simple yet cute and to the point. The way this cake is designed leaves us with the option to add more detail or keep this clean look. When budget needs to be a concern this design style of baby shower cakes should be considered.

Hawaiian Themed Sweet 16 Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C35

We delivered this Hawaiian themed cake to the Nyack Seaport in Nyack NY a few weeks ago for a sweet 16 birthday party. This 4 tiered fondant iced cake is adorned with sugar flowers, a hula skirt, totem pole and a lei.

Tugboat Grooms Cake

Cakes That Move?? Not Really - C18

This tugboat grooms cake was made for a wedding at The Rockleigh Country Club. The groom had no idea he was getting such a detailed cake of the boat he actually works on. We made the tugboat using pound cake, fondant and modeling chocolate. Grooms cakes have become very popular in the past few years. Some themed cake ideas come from hobbies, his favorite sports, his career or just about anything you can come up with.