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Golf Ball Grooms Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C06

Grooms cake have become very popular these days. Some of the most popular grooms cakes are cars, sports theme, food ie (sandwiches, steak, hamburger ect). Sculpted cakes like this golf ball cake we made is a fun way to surprise the groom on this special day. This custom cake is iced with fondant and also includes an edible golf club.

Zebra Print Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C08

Check out this sweet sixteen topsy-turvy cake!! This cake is iced with fondant and has hand painted zebra print on 2 of the tiers. The stars and 16 that we used as a topper are finished with black disco dust. This 3 tiered cake feeds about 80-95 people and has 4 layers of cake and 3 fillings.


Grooms cake 57 Ford Truck

Cakes That Move?? Not Really - C15

Making trucks and cars out of cake is one of our specialties. Check out this 57 Ford truck grooms cake. The groom owns a 57 Ford just like this one. The cake was used to surprise him at the wedding . Using photos of his truck and blueprints, we were able to replicate the truck with the dent on the hood and all. This cake is iced with fondant and details are made of modeling chocolate.


Buttercream Iced Wedding Cake

Buttercream Iced Wedding Cakes - A52

This 5 tier buttercream wedding cake was decorated with a filigree design on 3 tiers and wrapped with rhinestone bands. We added a pearl finish to give this cake an antique look. When using pearl finished buttercream as an icing it brings in a new dimension to the cake.

Fondant Iced First Birthday Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - B40

We made this 11 tier first birthday cake for a family that had a party at the Venetian in Garfield NJ. This birthday cake is iced with royal blue fondant and decorated with gold modeling chocolate filigree. The beautiful pedestals that separate the center tier are filled with pearl light blue handmade sugar flowers. We used gold pearl beads as a border and added 2 gold bows and broaches. As a topper we made a golden crown and added the birthday boys name on the center tier. When we put this huge birthday cake together it stood over 6 foot tall and that’s not including the table.


Custom Buttercream Wedding Cake

Buttercream Iced Wedding Cakes - A16

Okay we have a 5 tier buttercream iced wedding with a truck splashing mud on it. We made this wedding with a cascade of white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries. Adding this truck to the wedding cake was the grooms idea. The truck is sculpted out of vanilla cake, a chocolate filling, iced with fondant and the mud is a mix of buttercream, cocoa powder and graham crackers.

Candy Themed Birthday Cake

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Cakes – 15

This candy themed birthday cake is iced with fondant and is decorated with handmade candy which includes lollipops, chocolate, bonbons and gumballs. We added an ice cream cone that is really made of chocolate as a cake topper. Candy themed cakes have been a popular request this year with sweet sixteens and Bat Mitzvah’s.


Sculpted Fish Birthday Cake


We made this custom cake in the shape of a fish for a 60th birthday party. I’m sure you can guess that the birthday boys past time is fishing! We sculpted vanilla cake and chocolate buttercream in the shape of the fish and iced it with fondant . Some of the details are made from modeling chocolate and airbrushing.

5 Tiered Buttercream Iced Wedding Cake

Buttercream Iced Wedding Cakes - A56

This 5 tier buttercream iced wedding cake is decorated with a hand piped design. Sugar flowers adorn the top and sides of this beautiful cake. We added bands of bling as boarders and highlighted the outer edge of each tier with silver and pearl. The super smooth buttercream finish of this cake gives the appearance that it is iced with fondant.

First Birthday Cake with a Boat Theme

Custom Designed Cakes 2 - C05

This first birthday cake is finished with blue fondant and topped with a sailboat. The wave pattern gives an underwater feel. We also made cupcakes with the same wave theme and topped each one with anchors. Matching themed cakes and cupcakes is a great idea when you want to have a smaller cake for your parties.

2 Tier Communion Cake

Communion & Baptism Cake – 03

This 2 tier Communion cake is iced with fondant and is topped with sugar flowers and a cross made of modeling chocolate. We decorated this cake with a white buttercream swirl design and added his name for a unique touch.

Sugar Bows On A Buttercream Iced Wedding Cake

Buttercream Wedding Cakes 2 - A73

We used a sugar crystal finish on two tiers of this buttercream iced wedding cake. On the other three tiers we used a pearl piped filigree design. We wrapped each tier with crystal bands and sugar bows and brooches adorn the sides of this beautiful cake. Adding a pearl finish and push pin crystals to the buttercream helps tie the cake together. When designing your wedding cake adding sugar crystals and  jewelry is a great way to make your wedding cake sparkle on your special day.

Construction Theme Birthday Cake

Kids Cakes - C04

There is a lucky little birthday boy out there that had this cool construction themed cake made!!! So we created a 2 tier cake to look like a construction site by adding some edible dirt roads and using brown buttercream. All the trucks and rocks are sculpted from modeling chocolate. This birthday cake couldn’t be complete without us adding his name to the front of the cake in edible steel.

1st Birthday Circus Themed Cake

Kids Cakes 2 – C10

What kid doesn’t like the circus!?! This 2 tiered circus themed cake was made for a little girl’s 1st birthday party. The cake is iced with yellow buttercream and we used pink fondant stripes to decorate it. We added adorable circus animals and a clown that are sculpted from modeling chocolate

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C18

This 3D sculpted cake is a treasure to behold, a treasure chest that is! This detailed cake holds lots of treasured snacks, the cake itself, candy pearls, chocolate coins and even edible sand. The surface of the treasure chest birthday cake is covered in a hand-tooled fondant to resemble a wood grain texture. It is then painted and airbrushed for a very realistic surface on a cake. The “metal trims, brackets, lock and bolts” are all finished with an edible metallic dust. Personally, it is one of my favorite cakes, and it’s a great theme for parties of all ages.

Bee Hive Sculpted Cake

Animal Cakes - C06

There’s a lot of buzz about this bee-utiful Bee Hive Sculpted Cake. The cake is carved into a bee hive shape, with the opening at the top where buttercream honey is oozing out from it. The shades of honey yellow colors are airbrushed onto the fondant icing surface. Each little bee is an edible hand-sculpted figure with delicate iridescent wings. We bee-lieve you’ll love this one!

Tiffany Cupcakes with Bow


These cupcakes were a huge hit! To resemble a Tiffany present box, these chocolate cupcakes are iced in a Tiffany blue buttercream, each topped with a handmade fondant ribbon and bow. (You can see in the background the remaining army of bow loops awaiting their cupcakes). The Tiffany gift box is a very popular look for cake, cupcakes and cupcakes towers. Of course the color could be changed and customized to match any occasion. This is a classic look.

Sculpted Anchor on Cake


A golden anchor for a golden age…This nautical birthday cake is covered in a black fondant icing with hints of gold glimmer highlights. The cake’s sides are decorated in a gold swirl design to loosely resemble a wave pattern. We’ve made a near 12″ long anchor out of modeling chocolate and dusted it in a metallic gold. A hand wound modeling chocolate rope loops through the anchor and coils around on top of the cake. Anchors away!

Jungle Themed First Birthday Cake


This first birthday jungle themed cake is iced with buttercream and is made of vanilla cake and vanilla filling. We decorated the tiers of this cake with modeling chocolate animals and a sculpted lion as a cake topper. To personalized this cool cake by including the birthday boy’s name on the side of the top tier.

Baby Shower Cake


We iced this 3 tiered baby shower cake in blue fondant and decorated it with yellow stars. Some of the sculpted 3d decorations are a sleeping baby under a blanket with a half a moon, baby bottle, booties and a pacifier. Colors on this cake can be changed whether its a baby girl, baby boy or even if you don’t know the sex of the baby.

2 tiered Fondant Communion Cake

This 2 tiered pearlized fondant cake is adorned with a beautiful lavender bow and bands. As a topper we added very small sugar flowers to outline a cross. Both tiers of this cake are made of vanilla cake, fresh strawberries and bavarian cream. A cake like this can be used for a Communion or a Confirmation.

Jets Beer Cooler Grooms Cake


All football fans would love this cool grooms cake. We made this grooms cake is the shape of a beer cooler, the bottles are made of chocolate and we used rock candy as ice. We set the cake on a football field. We can customize this cake with any team logo.

5 Tiered Buttercream iced Wedding Cake

Buttercream Wedding Cakes 2 - A72
Buttercream iced wedding cake with rhinestone bands

Buttercream iced wedding cake with rhinestone bands

This beautiful 5 tiered wedding cake is iced with a super smooth buttercream finish. 3 tiers have a connecting swirl design and 2 tiers have a quilting design. All tiers of this cake have a pearl finish and rhinestone bands for a little bling. As a topper we added a bouquet of buttercream roses.