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Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

Okay, when we were asked to design a cartoon-like construction themed cake keeping budget in mind, this is what our team came up with. Feeding up to 35-45 people, this fondant iced cake is decorated with 2D cutout construction trucks, signs and traffic cones. We used traffic signs to incorporate the birthday boy’s name. This cake was filled with 4 layers of vanilla cake, 2 layers of Bavarian cream and 1 layer of chocolate mousse. When looking to design your cake give us a call or email us, and remember to visit our website at to get started with your ideas!

Funfetti Tiered Cake

Funfetti Tiered Cake

For a fun nontraditional wedding cake or really cool birthday cake what better way to celebrate than with a Funfetti Cake! It’s made up of Funfetti Cake (moist vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles baked inside) bavarian cream iced in buttercream and topped with a ton of rainbow sprinkles. We can also recommend some other fillings such as chocolate mousse, cannoli cream, cookies and cream and crumbled chocolate chip cookies in our bavarian cream, just to name a few. For ideas on how to decorate this fun cake we can add a cascade of buttercream or sugar flowers, or maybe for a birthday or anniversary add a number cake topper.  On this design we added a few simple fondant bows.


Textured/Rustic Buttercream Iced wedding Cake


Textured or Rustic iced wedding cakes have become very popular in the past few years. Here we have this 5 tiered wedding cake with a rustic finish accented with the added texture of buttercream rosettes on the bottom tier. All iced in buttercream, this cake is highlighted with a beautiful cascade of buttercream flowers and an added pearl shimmer finish to soften the edges and give it some shine. Cake jewelry could be added to this design to give it some extra bling, or we could customize to a color palette for the buttercream flowers. The inside of this particular wedding cake is our chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries; a delicious combination for seasonal fresh fruit.

Open Luggage Bar Mitzvah Cake

Open Luggage Bar Mitzvah Cake

When Ben and his family came to visit us about making Ben’s Bar Mitzvah cake they wanted to stick with a theme cake. As you can see there’s a lot of stuff in the luggage. The theme of the cake was things that Ben like(So he likes to travel, movies, sports, video games and sneakers to name a few).
So we designed this open luggage cake including a  sculpted sneaker cake.
The luggage and sneaker is all made of cake, headphones, ipod, candy are sculpted from molding chocolate. The Bar Mitzvah cake was delivered to The Brick House in Wyckoff NJ.

Milk & Cookies Layer Cake

milk cookies

Vanilla Cake filled with our home made bavarian cream and Chocolate chip Cookies, Iced with Sweet Cream Buttercream. This layer Cake has become one of our signature cake. This layer cake is available in a 7″ that feeds 7-8 people and the 10″ feeds 16-18 people.

Ham Egg & Cheese Sandwich Sculpted Cake

Cakes That Look Like Other Food - C01

A grooms cake to look like ham, egg & cheese on a roll. This grooms cake was presented the night before the wedding at there rehearsal dinner. The bride to be thought this would be a great grooms cake since this sandwich is his favorite food. Cake is sculpted from vanilla cake with cannoli filling, as a finishing touch we added foil to the bottom of the cake. One of our specialties is sculpting cake to look like food  (White Castle hamburger and fries, a cooked turkey & a 5 foot cannoli). These are just some of the birthday & grooms cakes we made that look like food.

Hand Painted Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cakes 2 - C42

We hand painted a vine like design in black on this three tiered wedding cake. This cake is iced with fondant and finished it with handmade wine colored sugar flowers. This wedding cake has what we like to call a “traditional stack” what this means is there is more of a ledge on each tier. Also each layer of cake is about 7inch tall. Sugar flowers was our pick to top this beautiful wedding cake but there are any more option.

Ghostbusters Slimer Grooms Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C09

For all you Ghostbuster fan’s we made Slimer as a grooms cake. The groom was a big fan of the Ghostbusters movie, so the bride had us make him Slimer with his big tongue and all. We sculpted Slimer out of pound cake and iced with fondant. Some of the facial features had to be done before adding the fondant and we also did some airbrushing to highlight some details.


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day


We’re getting in the holiday spirit here at A Little Cake bakery. Enjoy some delicious holiday inspired sweets and go green! Shamrock shaped cookies, green & white (“black & white” cookies), or our huge sugar cookies sporting green sprinkles are a perfect way to start the celebration. Fix that sugar craving with our new Push-Up Cake Pops… we’ve added a few new ones for the holiday with green velvet cake, or a chocolate with sweet green buttercream. And don’t forget, the always perfect cupcake, with St Patrick’s day sweet green buttercream icing, or 4-leaf clover sprinkles! These are just as much fun as they are delicious. St Patrick’s Day holiday desserts will be in the bakery all week long, so come in and get yours.

Baby Shower Duck Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 04


This is a very sweet Baby Shower cake with 2-tiers of bubbly cuteness.  Made at A Little Cake bakery in Park Ridge, we’ve decorated this cake with adorable hand-sculpted 2D and 3D baby duckies, floating on fondant bubbles. The cake from A Little Cake bakery, is covered with a fondant icing and finished with a baby blue bow. We’re in love with this cake and little duckies and think you will be too.

4 Tier Pearl Fondant Wedding Cake

fondant wedding cake c45

We made this beautiful 4 tier square wedding cake with a white and silver textured finish. Candy pearls are used to finish this design. All 4 tiers are iced with fondant and have a fondant ribbon around the base of each cake. Each tier is filled with tasty vanilla cake and chocolate mousse. Sugar flowers would be a great addition as a topper or a cascade.

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cakes - 14

This is the sweetest mommy & baby elephant moment.  They were hand sculpted from modeling chocolate. This 3 tier vanilla cake is filled with raspberry mousse, bavarian cream and iced with fondant. This cake was designed from a baby shower invitation with cute little onsies, and safety pins.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Banana Layer Cake

Salted Caramel Chocolate Banana Layer Cake

Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, salted caramel and fresh banana. This cake is iced with chocolate buttercream and drizzled salted caramel. We offer this chocolate, caramel beauty in 7inch round that feeds 7-10 people and 10inch 16-20 people.

Animal Print Sweet 16 birthday Cake

Here is a cake from a sketch to a beautiful finished product. Tatiana came to the bakery for her Sweet 16 birthday cake. She wanted to follow the theme of her party so she had some ideas on what she wanted us to make, so this is what we came up with. Because we used fondant on this cake, it made it easier to hand paint the animal print on 2 of the tiers and added some fun swirls on the bottom and middle tiers. We also added her name in zebra print and handmade sugar roses in red and gold for a little flair . As a topper we thought the golden sixteen was appropriate to finish this cake.

Owl Tree Baby Shower Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C30

This is a 2-tier “tree trunk” Baby Shower cake. Each tier is covered in fondant and tool imprinted to have a bark pattern. It is hand-painted to have the life-like bark coloring and shading. A heart is carved into the “trunk bark” to showcase their initials. A sculpted branch reaches up from the base of the bottom tier to the top of the cake with our cute sculpted owl family perched happily on it. New baby girl owl sits in between mommy and daddy owl, with a pink bow and some small cherry blossom flowers to add the finishing touches to the cake.

3D Watering Can & Flowers Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C29

Spring has Sprung! Doing a little Spring cleaning of our own, we came across a cake from the past: a 3D sculpted Watering Can Cake. The Watering Can cake is given a metallic silver finish on the fondant surface. The top is covered with a variety of hand-crafted, gum paste sugar flowers in vibrant Springtime colors. Despite the chill in the air still, Spring is here, and this 3D cake is a perfect celebration of the season or maybe even for Bridal or Baby Showers!

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Custom Designed Cakes - C28

We recreated this beautiful underwater cake for a Sweet 16 birthday.  Its all edible!!!  The star fish and seashells are made out of modelling chocolate.  This 4 tiered cake is iced with fondant and the scaling details and airbrushing give it some depth.  The cake is made of chocolate cake with cookies & cream filling.

Sweet Sixteen Tiered Birthday Cake

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Cakes – 16

This 4 tiered square sweet sixteen cake has a crystal finish on the bottom 2 tiers. This cake is iced with buttercream and has a swirly design on the top 2 tiers. We topped this wintery birthday cake with a silver glitter bow and wrapped it with glitter ribbon

Survivor TV Theme Cake


This Tiered Cake is based on the Survivor TV show theme for a Bar Mitzvah. The cake is covered in an off-white fondant and decorated in a beach theme with shells, rocks, starfish, tiki masks, ocean waves, sand and dirt. The Survivor immunity necklace of masks and feathers is wrapped around a tier, and the top is finished with bamboo, a tiki torch, and a scroll with inscription. This custom design is based on their theme, which really personalizes their party.

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